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Why we're like no other painting company!

The Expressions Painting Difference

9 reasons we’re like no other painting company!

Our prices are detailed and available online for anyone to see – even our competitors. You can count on our pricing to stay the same even when we get really busy. Our intention in doing so is to make it easy for you to budget and also to promote trust in our working relationship.

Because the only type of work we do is interior repaints, weather and construction delays don’t affect our schedule. When you add to this the fact that Expressions Painting is run in a very efficient and organized manner, the result for you is a project that starts and ends on time... just as planned.

It’s more than just a price. We meet with you, look at the existing paint, and offer recommendations on what needs to be done, and what kind of paint we’d recommend. We personalize a painting solution based on your individual needs.

Whether you are unsure of colors or know what you want, we can help. With 19 years of experience, we know how paint behaves. If you hire us to do the work, the consultation is free. If you just want the consultation, it’s $150.

We offer many ways for you to cut down on costs if you’re willing to lend a hand by moving furniture, decorations drapes and blinds. You can save even more by doing some of the less technical painting yourself – like closets, doors or trims. Don’t worry if you accidentally put some paint on the walls when painting the trims. We’ll come in after you and cover it up as we’re cutting in those straight lines.

Owner Rémi Boudreau is a Red Seal Certified Painter and Decorator with 19 years of experience. Unlike trades such as electrical or plumbing, this certification is not required for the painting industry in New Brunswick. Rémi went through the certification process so that his customers know their home is painted by someone who cares about and knows what he’s doing.

Whether it’s because you don’t want to or simply can’t, we offer various full service options including moving your furniture, removing decorations, taking down drapes and blinds.

If you want to do it yourself but would like some real answers from a licensed painter and decorator, check out our blog. If you’re wondering about it, the answer is probably there. If not, ask and we’ll answer! We also offer a complete set of how-to videos that show you how to plan, prep and paint a room from start to finish – Like a Pro.

You’ve read the blog and watched our videos and you’re ready to DIY. Expressions Painting also offers professional-grade equipment and tool rental at very reasonable cost and timeframe. Why waste money on cheap equipment that you’ll only throw away after?

Free Painting Consultation

Your consultation includes:

  • An examination of your existing paint
  • A review of money saving options
  • A detailed quote tailored to your specific needs
  • Real answers from a Painting
    & Color Consultant

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