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Why we're like no other painting company!

What’s Expressions Painting?

We are Painting Contractors Specializing in Interior Makeovers. We call ourselves Interior Makeover Specialists.

What’s an Interior Makeover Specialist?

  • Interior… means we only accept jobs that are inside 
    (no outside work)
  • Makeover… means we only accept repaint jobs
    (no new construction)
  • Specialists… means that interior repaints is all that we do and we are the best at it (we wouldn’t be able to be this selective if we weren’t)

Why won’t you accept any outside
and/or new construction work?

Since the weather and construction delays don’t impact us, we are in complete control of our schedule. When you add to this the fact that Expressions is run in a very organized manner… the end result for the customer is that we are in and out of their house on time… just as planned.

Because our workers can rely on a steady workflow (not having to deal with last minute days off because of rain or construction delays)… they don’t have to worry about money. They also feel privileged and more motivated… which results in a better experience for everyone!

I have lived most of life under this simple principle when it comes to choosing a career. Do what you love! If you love what you do you’ll be amongst the best! And if you’re amongst the best at anything… you’ll make a great living!

“ I’m in the business of helping people see what could be... and then help them get there.”

- Rémi Boudreau
Licensed Painter & Decorator

About Rémi

Rémi Boudreau knows the painting industry inside and out. He is a Red Seal Certified Painter and Decorator with 19 years of experience, who has won awards for his skills and entrepreneurship acumen. From advice on color and painting needs assessments, to planning and managing projects and getting the job done, Rémi’s passion lies in making painting a fun and exciting experience for all his clients and staff.

Remi's Certificate

Red Seal Certification received in the fall of 2008
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