Remi and Gino started their friendship at the young age of three when they would join their fathers on hunting and fishing trips.

Their fathers were great friends working in the trade of Automotive Mechanics… so it seems fitting that Remi and Gino would eventually do the same in their trade of Painting & Decorating.

Remi and Gino started working together 20 years ago and have since then redefined the Interior Repaint Experience by combining their unique specialties:


Remi realized early in his career as a Painter that “You can do the best job in the world, if the clients don’t love the colors, it’s not going to matter”.


For Gino, it was these words from a client that had a big impact on him. “I’d like for you to paint my house with the same QUALITY, CARE and ATTENTION you would at your mom’s house”.

Over the years they have gained Mastery in their respective specialties and now TOGETHER, through Expressions Painting, they help their clients Leverage the Transformative Power of Color.

Expressions Painting is a small Specialized Painting Company here is Moncton, NB (Canada) who’s now helping people Leverage the Transformative Power of Color – on a LARGE SCALE.

“EDUCATION is the key!’ There are no mandatory schools for Painters to attend before entering the industry which means a lot of important Knowledge is lacking."

That’s why Expressions Painting now has an EDUCATION Division called EPU (Expressions Painting University).

EPU is an online school for Painters, Contractors & Consultants with registered students in more than 20 Different Countries.

Through EPU, Remi now trains, supports & coaches other Painters, Contractors & Consultants with their respective careers and helps them work TOGETHER so that they can in turn ALSO help their clients Leverage the Transformative Power of Color.

Remi also produces weekly Tips & Tricks Videos, which have gathered over 5 million views on YouTube alone… and continue being watched by more than 5000 people every single day.

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-Remi & Gino