Caulking along a counter top

Caulking along the top of a counter is not easy, but this little trick is sure to make a world of difference in terms of time and quality.

FIRST: You’ll want to apply some painters tape along the edge of the counter to protect it. I recommend leaving a small portion of the top of the counter exposed (aprox 1 millimiter) so that the caulking has a bit of surface to grab on to. This will prevent the caulking from sinking into the hole and will make the transition from counter to wall much smoother.

SECOND: You’ll want to choose a Siliconized Acrylic Latex Caulking. This type of caulking gives you the strong bonding and flexibility of Silicone while allowing you the possibility to paint over it after you’re done.

Note:  If the walls over a particular counter top are tiled, other products might be better suited.

THIRD: You’ll want to make sure the area in question is dry and free of dust. Then apply the caulking into the crevice and smooth it out with a wet finger. The excess will spill over onto the painter’s tape which will be taken care of when you remove the tape. Make sure to remove the painter’s tape soon after before the caulking dries.

FOURTH: After you’ve allowed the caulking proper time to dry (see instructions on the tube of caulking) you’ll be able to paint over it with regular wall paint.

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