1 KEY BENEFIT of Grey Undertones

Choosing colors with Grey Undertones will typically give you the following 2 benefits:

  • COVER Better
  • PERFORM Better (More washable, Better Adhesion, etc)

But there's another KEY BENEFIT you get for choosing colors with some sort of Grey Undertone which is what I discuss in this week's Tips & Tricks Video. 

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Has this ever happened to you?

You picked a color to paint your walls... BUT once it was all painted, it looked different than you expected?

If so, you're certainly not alone.

If fact, this is one of the most frustrating (and painful) part of the repainting process.

Which is why we have taken it upon ourselves to dig deep to understand what causes this... and better yet, how to avoid this situation for our clients.

In this video, I'll share with you the 3 STEPS we take with our clients to make sure that the COLOR they have in their mind, is the COLOR that will appear on their walls once it's all said and done.

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Here's Why You Should Paint The Moment You Buy A New House (3 KEY BENEFITS)

There's a lot of items that will typically get added on the TO-DO LIST when buying a new house.

And if PAINTING finds itself on that list, here are 3 KEY BENEFITS you'll experience by making sure to check it off the list the moment you buy a new house.


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The GEOMETRY Inside the COLOR Wheel

Why is GREY sooooo popular these days?

Why do we get tired of certain colors after a while?

What's the secret to combining colors that work well together?

These questions, and many more, are answered in this week's video...



Click on the links below to watch the first two videos in this 3 Part Series

PART 1: What Exactly Is Color?

Part 2: Here's How We Perceive & Interpret Color Frequencies

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Here's How We Perceive & Interpret Color Frequencies

Remember this famous illusion?

Some people were seeing the dress WHITE & GOLD... while others were seeing it BLUE & BROWN.

That's a pretty BIG difference, wouldn't you agree?

Well turns out, the same thing that made this illusion possible is also creating illusions in your life... every... single... day.

Whether you're looking at colors on a wall or in your surroundings... OR... interpreting situations & events in your life.



To watch the first video in this series, CLICK HERE.

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What EXACTLY Is Color? 🍎

What happens to COLOR when you turn off the lights?

Is that RED apple still red if it's in a pitch black room?

Was it even RED to begin with?

To answer those questions, we'll need to first go to the source and answer this question: what exactly is color?

And the short answer is - FREQUENCY!


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Which One Is Correct?

Those 2 paint swatches are the SAME... but somehow they appear DIFFERENT.

So which one is CORRECT?

If you've ever picked a color only to have it turn out different than you expected, this little trick would probably have made a world of differentce... 


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Change Your LIGHT SOURCE... Change Your Colors

Is it possible to "Change the Colors" in your home simply by changing light bulbs?

The answer is, ABSOLUTELY!

For color to appear, it requires LIGHT. 


But light can have different COLOR TEMPERATURES based on the time of day (light coming from the sun)... or the type of light bulbs we choose (light generated from inside our home).

Be sure to watch this weeks video for a clear example on how different color can appear in different lighting environments.


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From Dark To FULL of COLOR

It's been a little over 3 months since I released a new video.

The reason for this break was because I had a few BIG PROJECTS on the go and I wanted to make sure not to spread myself too thin. One of those projects involve me now having to wear a ring :)

So yesterday afternoon, I got ready to shoot some new videos but something changed a few minutes after I sat down with this cup of Tea...

The result?

A video that is perhaps a bit different than what you may be used to seeing from me... but I believe strongly that it has the potential of affecting you (in a positive way) so much more than anything I could ever teach you about Painting or Color...


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How GREY can turn BLUE

Is it possible for our eyes to see something completely different than what's really in front of us? ABSOLUTELY!

In this week's video, I'll show you exactly how this GREY color turned BLUE and how we were able to stop this incredible COLOR ILLUSION.


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