Dieppe entrepreneur 'goes viral' on YouTube

Published in the Times & Transcript - Monday March 7th 2016 by MADELAINE KEENLYSIDE (REPRODUCED HERE WITH WRITTEN PERMISSION)

Dieppe painter Remi Boudreau has gone viral on YouTube, and it coincides perfectly with his newest project - building a virtual academy for painters, he says. PHOTO: SUBMITTED BY REMI BOUDREAU

Dieppe painter and entrepreneur Remi Boudreau has received a boost to both business and his dreams following the popularity of his YouTube channel.
Boudreau's YouTube channel reached a million views last week, and it was a complete surprise, he said. Boudreau said the popularity of the videos has increased business for his company Expressions Painting, which he founded in 2010.

"Three-and-a-half years ago I recorded a how-to video series to show people how to paint their room from start to finish" he added. "There were nine videos in the series and I documented step-by-step how to do the [projects]."
One of his videos, How to Paint Baseboards, had 486 580...

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New Video Series... "Like a Pro"

Over the next few months, I'll be releasing a series of videos to show people how to paint a room from start to finish... "Like a Pro". In all, there will be 8 videos from this series including:

  1. How to setup "Like a Pro"
  2. How to prep the walls "Like a Pro"
  3. How to paint the ceiling "Like a Pro"
  4. How to paint the trims "Like a Pro"
  5. How to paint the doors "Like a Pro"
  6. How to cut the walls "Like a Pro"
  7. How to roll the walls "Like a Pro"
  8. How to paint the baseboards "Like a Pro"
  9. How to wash a Roller & Brushes "Like a Pro"

I'll be releasing one of those videos each month as part of my FREE "Tips & Tricks". 

For now, check out this PREVIEW video I created to launch this exciting new project. :)


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Marketing Award Nomination

It was an absolute honour to have been nominated as one of Greater Moncton's top marketer as part of the Greater Moncton Chamber of Commerce (GMCC) Excellence Awards for 2011.

A most sincere thank you!

Remi :)

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