New Video Series... "Like a Pro"

Over the next few months, I'll be releasing a series of videos to show people how to paint a room from start to finish... "Like a Pro". In all, there will be 8 videos from this series including:

  1. How to setup "Like a Pro"
  2. How to prep the walls "Like a Pro"
  3. How to paint the ceiling "Like a Pro"
  4. How to paint the trims "Like a Pro"
  5. How to paint the doors "Like a Pro"
  6. How to cut the walls "Like a Pro"
  7. How to roll the walls "Like a Pro"
  8. How to paint the baseboards "Like a Pro"
  9. How to wash a Roller & Brushes "Like a Pro"

I'll be releasing one of those videos each month as part of my FREE "Tips & Tricks". 

For now, check out this PREVIEW video I created to launch this exciting new project. :)


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