The Gallery Look

What is it? And is it right for you?

To find out, simply Check out this week's video :)


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What's the BEST COLOR to paint my TRIMS & DOORS?

If you want to REDUCE COSTS and INCREASE DECORATIVE POSSIBILITIES... there's only ONE COLOR I recommend for your Trims & Doors (and ceilings too).

In this week's video, I discuss the many benefits of going with a PURE TITANIUM DIOXIDE WHITE.


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Should I Paint Before I Move In?

Usually when moving into a new home, there are lots of things to coordinate and if once of those happens to be delayed or take too much time, the whole experience becomes that much more complicated and stressful.

Still painting before you move in, has a lot of benefits as I talk about in this video. Especially when you consider our "On-Time Guarantee". Meaning that when we give you a start and finish date for your project, you can bank on it! :)


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How DARK Should I Go?

A lot of people ask me "How dark should I go with my wall colors?" during a Color Consultation.

This question is not an easy one to answer... but in this weeks video, I'll share with you the answer I usually have for them. But one general rule about color is this: The darker you go with any color, the more the impact or effect of that color gets pronounced.


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Is It Time For NEW COLORS at WORK?

Do you think it's time for some new colors at your workplace?

In this weeks video, I talk about the 2 main reasons why it would be good for any organization to at least have a discussion about it:

1- Employee Appreciation, Loyalty & Productivity.
2- Client Experience, Confidence & Trust.

And if you're not one of the decision makers at your organization, you might want to forward this page or video to someone who is. I'm sure they'll be thankful you did once they see the return on investment (ROI) they're getting out of it. :)


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Will The Paint DRY DARKER Than The Paint Swatch?

It's not always easy to accurately visualize a space painted with a color from a small paint swatch.

There seems to be this notion that the paint will dry darker once applied to your walls. And even though this may be true for some, it is not an absolute truth.

In this weeks video, you'll learn why the answer to this question is both, YES and NO. :)


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Change Your COLORS. Change Your LIFE. (Do you honestly believe that?)

About a year ago, I updated our company slogan to:
Change Your COLORS. Change Your LIFE.

But recently, I've been asked by a few people "Do you honestly believe that?"

So for this weeks video, I decided to answer this question for you... and my answer may surprise you (I know it usually surprises the people I share it with) :)


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Color Mistake #1 - COMPUTER SCREEN

One thing I often hear people say is this "The color didn't turn out at all like I thought it would. WHY?!" (followed by expressions of frustration or discouragement).

The reality is that there's a lot of things that can impact how we view and interpret the colors on our walls. During the next 4 weeks, I'm going to show you concrete visual examples of why certain colors may not have turned out exactly like you had imagined they would.

In this weeks video, I'll show you the most common mistake I'm hearing about these days. I know the people who I've shown this during color consultations simply couldn't believe it! :)


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Color Mistake #2 - THE ENVIRONMENT

Did you know?

The exact same color, painted in 2 different rooms or even different houses, may look and feel completely different? Weird, right?

In this week's Video, I'm demonstrating a few examples to explain exactly why that is. :)


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Color Mistake #3: LIGHTING

For the past 2 weeks, I've been talking about Color Mistakes... and this week is no different. In this video, I'll show you concrete evidence of just how much LIGHTING can affect color.

If you ask any Color Consultant, they'll most likely name LIGHTING as the most important element in choosing the right colors for your home.

Enjoy! :)


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