How to prepare your walls for selling

1- Remove any personal pictures:

When people are going to be walking into your home, it’s important that they can imagine themselves living in your home. Doing so is much harder when you are looking at pictures of the family who’s currently living in it. Make sure your walls are decorated… but with neutral decorations that can be enjoyed by anyone.

2- Repairs cracks & nail pops:

Most people who buy a new house know that it will settle after a few years of it being built and may show cracks and nail pops. This is usually not seen as a scary thing to those people buying a new house. But keep in mind that this house you are now trying to sell will not be new to those potential buyers. This means, when potential buyers see cracks or nail pops in your home, they may be wondering if there is anything wrong with the structure of your house. Remove any potential doubt they may have and have those repaired first. 

3- Update the colors:

When your house is on the market, keep in mind that it will be compared with many other homes. By updating the colors of your home to ones that are CURRENTLY IN STYLE and are NEUTRAL ENOUGH to go with most furniture, you make it easier for the potential buyers to transition into your home. It’s important not to go with only one neutral color throughout the house – this will make it look and feel like an apartment. You’ll want to have a few different colors to help bring personality and character to the important rooms of the house (Kitchen, Bathrooms, Master Bedroom) while keeping them neutral enough to please a wider range of people.

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