The Main Color: 3 reasons to have one in your home

During a color consultation, I usually recommend having one main color go through the majority of the house in rooms such as entrances, hallways, stairways and maybe even spare rooms (or rooms who’s function may change from time to time). This main color, which I refer to as “The Grounding Color”, is typically a grayish beige/brown color and serves a few different functions.

FIRST: Because most rooms are attached to an area where the main color is (such as hallways), it makes it very easy to coordinate various colors since this main color is usually neutral. This is great if you have specific requirements for a room but still want everything to flow well together.

SECOND: Having a neutral main color also makes it easier for the “important” rooms to stand out and help attract people to them. Essentially, entrances, hallways and stairways are only a means to an end… meaning people will have to go through them to access the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom the bedroom or any other rooms where people will typically want to spend time in (not a lot of people hang out in hallways). 

THIRD: The reason I call the main color, “The Grounding Color”, is because browns, greys and beiges, are colors that have a natural tendency of calming and grounding our energy field. You see, we all have 7 main energy points in our system (chakras) and each one is stimulated by different colors ranging from Red to Purple (or the 7 colors of the rainbow). When those rainbow colors are used in rooms they do stimulate us in different and unique ways and understanding the effects of each color is part of the discussion I have with my customers during a consultation. So, for instance, if we are in a blue colored room (creativity color) and want to leave it to go to a green colored room (loving & healing color), we’ll most likely have to walk through a hallway to access it. And this “Grounding Color” in the hallway will serve as a kind of reset button for our energy field and will help us with the transition.

Having said this, it’s important to understand that we each have a unique life experience and that can affect how we react to specific colors. That’s why, when choosing colors for your own needs, it’s important to listen to how you feel about any proposed color. As a color consultant, I understand the rules about color and can help you find a color pallet that works and goes well together… but only you can tell if it will work for you.

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